Susie’s Book Fund:

Susie’s Book Fund is named after Susannah Spurgeon’s famous endeavour to provide books to ministers across the world starting in 1875. (Learn more here).

If you’d like to receive our monthly subscription service, please subscribe here. This is what you can expect each month:

  • One vintage (used) Christian book, specially chosen for your delectation, based on your answers to the questions in the survey provided.
  • An assortment of bookmarks to use in your growing collection.
  • A special drink and treat with which to enjoy your new reading material

All profits of this small endeavour will be towards the ministry at Westminster Baptist Church, including purchasing bibles for those in need, supporting the Sunday School, and outreach/evangelism.

In the spirit of what was started by Susannah Spurgeon, we would also like to offer our subscription to those who cannot afford the monthly stipend. As such, for every ten paid subscriptions we receive each month, we shall offer one free subscription. If you’d like to register interest for a free subscription, please contact us here.

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